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New Barn

The New Barn has 5 12 x 12 Priefert stalls. Each stall is equipped with rubber mats, individual wall mounted fans, automatic watering system, and an outdoor wash rack.

Big Barn


The big barn has 13 (12x12) stalls and 1 (12x16) foaling stall with automatic watering, StableComfort stall mats, and individual overhead & wall mounted fans. We also have an indoor and outdoor wash bay for grooming your horse, large tack room, laundry, office, kitchen and apartment. 


The big barn is conveniently connected to our indoor arena. This addition hosts a state of the art arena 90 x 175 with Fleet Footing and modern viewing room. We also have a new outdoor arena 130 x 250 that features Fleet Footing and a 6 horse exerciser for maintaining fitness.



Little Barn


The little barn has 3 (12x12) stalls and 3 (12x10) pony stalls. Each stall is equipped with rubber mats, individual overhead and wall mounted fans. It feautures an indoor wash bay for grooming, 2 tack rooms, a laundry room and a kitchen. There is also a 180x185 outdoor arena with all weather footing.






130x 250









6 Horse Exerciser that is 60 feet in diameter




13 Paddocks ranging from 3-10 acres for group or individual turnout. We also have three large fields (15-20 acres) that are used for pasture boarding. 




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